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I’m Damon Hurd, the Director of Professional Services. The Professional Services department is here to translate your business’s needs into a world-class CRM system utilizing our vast experience and industry standard best practices.

What follows is a brief explanation of our Project Teams and our methods for a successful system implementation.

Our Team

  • Director of Professional Services that manages the entire department and is available to you at any time to review your project and any issues that arise
  • Director of Customer Success that follows the project from Sale to Launch responsible for the CRM system meeting your business objectives
  • Client Engagement Managers certified in System Architecture and Project Management that will be your main point of contact
  • Application Specialists certified in the configuration and administration of CRM
  • Developers certified in the creation of custom CRM functionality and data imports/integrations with third-party systems
  • Quality Assurance (QA) specialists certified in the testing and revision process of each piece of custom functionality

Project Kickoff

  • Introduction the Project Teams to one another
  • Establishment of key Project Milestone dates
  • Identification of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from your Project Team best suited to help us understand your business in detail
  • Setup a Weekly Status Call between our Director of Customer Success and Client Engagement Manager and your Project Team to ensure that we are both meeting our objectives and staying on time and on budget throughout the project.

Discovery and Requirements Gathering

  • Deep Dive review sessions to understand and record all your Business Requirements and Objectives
  • Translation of these requirements into User Stories and Use Cases to determine the scope of the project and begin identifying solutions

Solution Design

  • Creation a comprehensive document called a Solution Design that will plainly re-state your requirements and provide our Solution Process for each, including all custom data elements and automated functionality as well as screenshot mock-ups where needed to illustrate the desired functionality
  • Upon approval, our team uses this document as a guide to building your system

Configuration and Development

  • Implementation of the approved Solution Design into your custom CRM system
  • Review completed elements with your Project Team each week

Quality Assurance (QA) and Functionality Testing

  • Creation of a formal Testing Plan for each User Story and Use Case from the approved Solution Design
  • Thorough testing of each item ensuring that it meets the Requirements and Objectives you specified

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Testing Plan is transferred to your Project Team
  • Your SMEs fully test the system and confirm that all the approved Solution Design’s objectives have been met

Training, Go-Live, and Post-Launch Support

  • Comprehensive User and Administrative training on the CRM system
  • Deployment of the system to the environment you specify
  • Support during the post-launch shakedown period

Transfer to our Support Team

  • Verification that your CRM System is working as expected and Users have adopted it
  • Transfer of your account to our Support team which will work with the CRM platform provider to support your users as they work with their new system

If you have any other questions, please feel free to followup directly to this email.

Best regards,

Damon Hurd / Director of Professional Services