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W-Systems Business Intelligence Solutions Showcase

Managing Relationships Means Mastering Data

Gain insight into your customer and an edge over your competitors by surfacing the right data for your sales and marketing teams.

With W-Systems Business Intelligence solutions such as Amazon QuickSight and wBenchmark, you can blend data from different sources, build complex visualizations of data, and process large data sets without bogging down your CRM system. 

Better Insights = More Revenue

By looking at how Business Intelligence (BI) fits into your SugarCRM strategy, you can make more meaningful business decisions and ultimately grow your ROI.

Watch our BI showcase and find out how to:

  • Combine Sugar data with other data sources (such as accounting, marketing automation and more)
  • Use BI to win more deals and boost lead quality
  • Embed Business Intelligence dashlets into Sugar
  • ...and more!
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