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September 2017
GoldMine Update September 2017
GoldMine User Group Webinar
glodmine real ttime dashboards

Join us in our GoldMine User Group webinar on Thursday, September 7th at 2PM Eastern. In this webinar, we’ll review Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards in GoldMine.

Learn how to take advantage of the powerful dashboards feature in GoldMine to view relevant visual summaries of important data and drill down for more actionable information.

In addition to our feature topic, we will also cover:

  • GoldMine News Roundup
  • GoldMine Roadmap Review
  • GoldMine Dashboard Q&A Session
From Our Blog
Building Contact Groups from SQL Queries in GoldMine
While there are different methods for building a contact group in GoldMine, this article discusses building a contact group using a SQL query.
Using CRM to Improve Customer Onboarding
While some businesses may lack an onboarding program, many more are using technology solutions like CRM to help them both implement and monitor the initiatives.

Featured Case Study
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Relocating our Best Friends with GoldMine
Air Animal brought in GoldMine Premium Edition to track every interaction with clients, from start to finish. With the solution, the company modernized its entire customer lifecycle, from sales to invoicing.
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Recent GoldMine Release
GoldMine Release Notes - 2017.1 Hot Fix 2
GoldMine 2017.1 Hot Fix 2 was released on August 10th. It includes fixes to linking email addresses with an apostrophe and a comma, setting filters, Constant Contact campaigns, among others. You can read the release notes to learn more.

In our User Group Meeting on September 7th, we will be discussing Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards and more.

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