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Cross-Selling and Referrals

Simplify and automate the product and service Referral process in Sugar

Most organizations struggle with how to effectively encourage and enable sales teams to make referrals to peers.

If you have different sales teams handling your product and services or sending referrals to business partners, wReferrals is a tool that helps you simplify and automate the product and service Referral process.

wReferrals enables Sugar users to:

  • Create internal referrals that are linked automatically enabling immediate access
  • Sent external referrals and include URLs to the records in Sugar if the receiver has access to your CRM instance.
  • Receive notifications based on the referral's source (internal or external)
  • Track referrals and view all of your referral records - filtered by any criteria - in a dashboard.
  • ... and much more!
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